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Nominations are now being accepted for the WHOA Board of Directors.  Please submit your nominations for the WHOA Board of Directors no later than May 6th to Phil Kalarovich in care of Dick Mordaunt at , or 50 Red Bud Lane, Murphy, NC 28906.  See this link for the election schedule 

Information related to the Wildcat Bridge Renovation can be found in the Forum for Roads.  Click here for the latest information.  Siteworx work is completed.  Volunteers are still working at the entrance. 

  Welcome to the Wildcat Community in Murphy, NC 

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 Call for issues with your roads, water, gate or to contact a Board Member 
  Roads - Wells - Gate & Access Codes in the Forum

This Temporary Gate Code is not to be published but may be given to Guests or Vendors.  
Click here if you are a resident and need a specialized gate code for your Yard Sale, Realtor, Vendor or Frequent Guests.  For more information on Gate Access codes 

  From the Board - Next Board Meeting

Latest Updates -

4/16 to 4/18 - Paving schedule for gravel patches on Wildcat Dr
4/13/2019 - Published the 2019 Board of Directors election schedule
4/13/2019 - Published the WHOA Feb & March Financials, Financial Review and Feb Minutes.
4/6/2019 - All culverts are completed except for paving.  Volunteers are working on the front entrance lighting, irrigation and cameras.  A contractor will soon complete work on the gate.  

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Water is Our Most Valuable Resource

Turn your water off at the main valve if you’re going to be away. 

Be alert for continuously running toilets.  Our most common problem!

Help conserve water by limiting your use to only that which is necessary.

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